Friday, September 14, 2007

Two Great Losses

Via Devilstower at Daily Kos, Alex the parrot, subject of a fascinating body of animal cognition and language research, has died. More about Alex's great work here and here. Memorial gifts may be made here in support of further parrot research.

[update]: A couple of links for cornfed and anyone else.
Pepperberg's 2002 book, The Alex Studies
Alex with Irene and Alan Alda on PBS' Scientific American Frontiers

Madeleine L'Engle also died last week. A real obituary will likely come later, as I owe her many thanks. For now, I'll just say that Mr. Jenkins One is one of the great characters of modern literature. And goodbye, to one of the most fearless persons we've had the privilege to know.


Cornfed said...

I wish that the parrot's abilities had been documented on a website -- maybe with a camcorder, but I guess she was waiting to publish her book. I'd never heard of the parrot until he died -- there should have been regular updates. Much more interesting than Brittany, et. al.

In which book does Mr. Jenkins One appear?

thirdinstar said...

Alex has been around a long time.... many years. Here's a link to Pepperberg's 2002 book:

A video of Alex with Alan Alda!:

Mr. Jenkins features most prominently in A Wind in the Door.

What do you think of the larger type? I am still deciding.

thirdinstar said...

Hmm, those links are too long. I will update original post with links, ok?