Friday, August 31, 2007

Er... Hello Again

A funny thing to be the first post in three weeks... but, in acknowledgment of our major regional political news:

From Left in the West (and featured by kos): Montana state senator Dave Lewis (R) of Helena thinks pervs like Idaho Sen. Larry Craig deserve the Islamic fundamentalist treatment.

Make that Idaho ex-Senator Larry Craig.

If only we could throw the crooks out for their actual crookery, and not their sad and sordid personal struggles. Senator Craig, for the record, I don't care what you did in the restroom; I care what you did in the halls of power.


Cornfed said...

I'll bet good old Dave Lewis never got so much attention in his life! I want to feel compassion for the men -- and women --who cannot face the complexities in their lives or the lives of others and thus are so overly rigid in their views and statements as if their lives will fall apart if they don't shore them up in this way. If they would just keep their mouths shut, I would be able to feel more compassion for them, but when they restrict the lives of others by their public votes and pronouncements, then it's a challenge for me to bring forth that compassion for them and it goes to all those they hurt.

I've never seen in any of the reports how Sen. Craig's arrest got publicized -- was it by some "outing" blog or??

thirdinstar said...

Just looked it up, and it seems it was "Roll Call" that broke the story.

Thanks for your comments!

Cornfed said...

Yes, I looked it up and found that out, too.

Have you listened to the audio tape of his conversation with the arresting officer? I found his style fascinating because of his calm, straight-forward way of diversion --I realize how much practice politicians get in taking a question and driving through a fog with it. It's so smooth. The arresting officer gets very frustrated and says this goofy thing about how he could expect such diversion from "somebody in the hood" -- oh, really??

thirdinstar said...

I read a partial transcript of the conversation (you know me, everything is text-only), but not that part about "somebody in the hood." And it is hard to tell "style" of speaking from a transcript, of course.