Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Please Comment on this Post!

Dear handful of regular readers,

I need your input on something simple. I'd like your thoughts on the readability of this blog, from a purely visual standpoint. While I think the design is pretty, over time I've become uncertain whether it's optimal for reading. The concerns I have are:

text size?: Is it too small? Aesthetically, I like the small font, but in the long run aesthetics are less important than comfort.

background?: This green happens to be my favorite color, but if it detracts too much from readability it goes.

column layout?: I would much prefer a wider column for posts and smaller margins, but blogger uses preset templates and I don't think I can adjust this without choosing an entirely new design. I'm open to using a different template, however, if The People think these columns are just too damn narrow.

The pain-in-the-ass variable line spacing is beyond my control, and is apparently a general bug in the editor, common to many blogspot blogs.

Please advise. This means you. What do you think?: is it fine? If not, which elements need changing?


jmonch said...

i think it's just swell, yer evilness; i can see and read just fine and unless you particularly enjoy html futzing, i wouldn't change it.

myothereviltwin said...

thank you. I can't tell you how dispiriting it is to entitle a post "Please comment!" and then have no comments for days... Now I have two. ;)

Mom said...

I've always thought your font size was OK, but now I realize that's because I have the largest size font on my screen. I saw your blog on a laptop recently, and it seemed too tiny to me, but then I can't read what a lot of people read.