Tuesday, July 31, 2007


For the record, I (and probably a number of other people) received an apology today from Denny Rehberg's office for their error. Thank you; admitting mistakes is classy, and I now know to chalk the matter up to mere incompetence rather than indifference.

We're still taking him out in 2008.

[update]: But it just occurred to me. This paragraph constitutes the main body of the letter:
Recently the House just voted on the 2007 Farm Bill. I noticed that you have all received outdated letters from my office regarding the Farm Bill. I apologize for this and want to promise you that you will be receiving an updated Farm Bill letter informing you of all the changes this year.
Does this mean that they haven't yet developed any material on this year's Farm Bill? It already passed the House! Were we not paying attention? What did your "yes" vote mean, then, Denny?

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