Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Farm Blog Round-up

I've discovered that there are a number of really cool blogs out there by small farmers. Some are updated often; some not so much. I tried to stick here to a handful of blogs that were not only especially interesting, but seemed to be active in the past week. Here's a tiny taste of what's going out there in the small farm world:

tinyfarmblog.com has a remarkably gorgeous photograph.

My Tiny Plot, a British blog with beautiful photographs, shows us how to make blackcurrant juice.

Fruits & Votes, a funny mix of political posts (many recent ones discuss impeachment) and stone fruit celebrations, pursues a series of extended metaphors. Blogger "Professor Shugart" heads his comments section this way: "Readers propagate ideas here with their comments. The occasional weed may sprout here. The Head Orchardist will pull them when he can." Wait a second... impeachment. I get it. But it seems he is a genuine fruit grower as well. I'm coming back to this blog again.

I Heart Farms is not, I think, written by a farmer, but a farm enthusiast in California. Looks like a good blog in general, but here an unsolicited and very insidious advertisement inspires Tana Butler to go on a searing, complex rant against the fast food industry. Don't miss "warning sign #3."

What looks like a nice New Zealand blog, Farmlet.Co.NZ. In her July 9th post, Blogger Rebecca discusses the limits of machinery and the value of improvisation. I like the part where the goats eat sage and tarragon prunings with goaty happiness.

pocket farm looks like a great, active all-around farm blog from Maine, with pictures of a barn-framing, a vivid description of a very delicious-sounding quiche, and satifisfying gardening details. Recommended for lovers of the lifestyle.

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