Monday, July 9, 2007

More Farm and Food Links, Monday night

Rep. Earl Blumenauer invites us to listen to Congressman Ron Kind and himself talk about the 2007 Farm Bill on Blog Talk Radio, Thursday, July 12, at 2:30 EST. If you’ve got a question you’d like discussed “on-air,” please send an email to Some questions generated from the Daily Kos discussion today can be found here. A particularly eloquent though belated comment comes from sima, ending with this farmer's declaration of pride:

There needs to be recognition that farming is not a pitiable way of life. I say this because I'm sick of people pitying me when I say I'm a farmer. I'm sick of people offering condolences when I talk about mucking out the goat barn. I'm proud of what I do, but society finds little to honor in those of us who feed it.”

I won’t be able to listen to the program, but would be grateful to hear from anyone who does. A link to Rep. Blumenauer’s “Food and Farm Bill of Rights” can also be found in the sidebar. There’s a petition there to sign.


They’re still blaming the cows for global warming. New burpless cow diets bring hope to planet. Whatever.


Walter Jeffries of Sugar Mountain Farm in Vermont catalogues and photographs a week’s worth of food for his family of five, inspired by the Time Magazine photoessay “What the World Eats.” Check out both. How are those Italians staying so skinny?

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Anonymous said...

I'm testing this comment box here... once the credit bubble pops we'll see who is pitiable - those who know how to farm vs. those who shop at WalMart