Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Reading List, 7/22/07

The House Agriculture Committee passed their version of the Farm Bill yesterday. Here’s their press release. The bill as it stands is available here, not that anyone is likely to add the whole thing to their Saturday night reading list.

Ken Cook at Mulch is irate about the bill that’s come out of the Committee, and its stubborn attachment to corn subsidies above all else. He fears that Nancy Pelosi’s party discipline makes the current version a done deal. The Farm Bill is coming to the floor already this Thursday, July 26, and proposed amendments must be turned in by 6 pm Tuesday. Not much time.


lineatus, who writes a weekly bird diary at Daily Kos, this week profiles Heron's Head Park, a reclaimed wetland in the heart of a San Francisco industrial area.


Devilstower at Daily Kos reviews the tenure of Julie MacDonald, disgraced ex-deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. A few-- but only a few-- of her suspect involvements in endangered species rulings will be revisited due to "inappropriate influence."

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