Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday Night Farm and Weed Links

When major media outlets spin ecology: somehow this brief story manages to imply, not just that invasive plants are dangerous to native ecosystems because they have few insect predators (true), but that the local insects are somehow the culprits, for continuing to munch on the native plants. Get out the Raid!

On a local level, ecologists may offer weed identification services to help small landowners control their invasive plant life. This "weed walk" that took place yesterday in Bozeman sounds great-- too bad only two people showed up. I'm planning a further story, eventually, about the antelope/noxious weed connection mentioned in the previous post.

An AP story yesterday hints at the complexity behind farm subsidies: One of my short-term goals is to figure out what the hell I'm even rooting for in the 2007 Farm Bill. Advice welcomed.

Behind farm policy lie individual farmers, and here's one whose fortunes I keep track of: farmerchuck at Daily Kos struggles with the definition of "sustainability," and tries to figure out how to save his farm from financial doom. Blog friends do their best to give him a hand with both.

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